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Jan. 21, 1966       Vol. 9, #4

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The Week

  • U.S. “Peace Talks” Hoax Condemned
  • Malayan Representatives Welcomed
  • Murder of Chinese Nationals on Lombok Island Protested   [About an anti-Chinese pogrom in Indonesia.]
  • Soviet Delegation Leaves for Home

Articles and Documents

“P.L.A. Conference on Political Work” — The P.L.A. puts Mao Tse-tung’s thought in command of everything. It stands ready at any time to smash U.S. imperialist aggression.

“Foreign Ministry Statement:
China Condemns Towering U.S. Crimes in South Vietnam”

  • While pressing ahead with its “peace talks” fraud, U.S. imperialism is pursuing an inhuman “scorched earth” policy and using poison gas and toxic chemicals on a large scale in south Vietnam.
  • Cowards are the worst brutes. Johnson is more brutal and cowardly than Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. The more brutal its aggression, the nearer U.S imperialism is to its doom.

“Genocide in South Vietnam:
U.S. Intensifies Atrocities”
  [Includes a two-page spread of six pictures of U.S. atrocities, entitled “Genocide!”]

“Bertrand Russell Denounces U.S. War Criminals”   [Short item accompanying the above article.]

“Foreign Ministry Statement:
Strongly Denounces Wanton U.S. Bombing of Laos”

  • Intensified U.S. bombings of Laos constitute an important step in spreading the war from south Vietnam to the whole of Indo-China.
  • The Chinese Government and people fully endorse the just stand taking by the Neo Lao Haksat and the Laotian patriotic neutral forces and resolutely support the Laotian people’s struggle against the U.S. aggressors and their lackeys.

“Renmin Ribao:
Johnson’s Challenge” — Comments on U.S. President’s State of the Union Message.

“Asia, Africa and Latin America:
The Tide of the People’s Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Struggle is Irresistible”

“Report From Havana:
The First Afro-Asian-Latin American Peoples’ Solidarity Conference”

The conference witnessed a sharp struggle between two lines. It marked a tremendous upsurge and victory for the Afro-Asian and Latin American peoples’ cause of solidarity against U.S. imperialism. It was a damning exposure and heavy defeat for the new Soviet leaders’ capitulationist and divisive schemes.

“U.S.S.R. Refuses to Clear Up Anti-China Rumours”   [Regarding the unfounded rumors spread by pro-Soviet forces that China was holding up rail shipments of weapons to Vietnam.]

“A.A.J.A. Upholds Anti-Imperialist Banner”   [The Afro-Asian Journalists’ Association.]

Round the World

  • “Peace Offensive” Escalation: Washington Gives Itself Away
  • Panama’s Anti-U.S. Demonstrations: Fresh in Their Memory
  • American Negro Struggle: The Gathering Storm
  • African Opinion: Origin of Anti-China Slanders
  • I.U.S. Meeting: Capitulationist Line Denounced  : [International Union of Students.]
  • News Notes: All Quiet on the Western Front ... His Master’s Voice ... Ugly Americans Abroad

Across the Land

  • Tachai Learns From the Rest of the Country
  • Books for the Blind
  • Briefs

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