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Jan. 3, 1975       Vol. 18, #1

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The Week

Articles and Documents

“New Year Message”, 1975 New Year’s Day editorial by “Renmin Ribao,” “Hongqi” and “Jiefangjun Bao”

“Thirteen Consecutive Years of Rich Harvests”, by Chi Feng

“Rational Distribution of Food Grain”

“Building Oil Industry Through Self-Reliance”, — A visit to the new oil pipeline as well as Taching and Takang Oilfields (I), by Our Correspondents Hsiang Jung and Yu Hai

“Paintings by Workers, Peasants and Soldiers”, by Chun Wen. [Includes a number of paintings in color.]

“Earth-Shaking Struggle”, — New developments in Third World economic struggle against imperialism, colonialism and hegemonism

1974 in Retrospect:
Profound Change in Cambodian Military Situation”

“Sharp Class Polarization in Soviet Union”

“Disgraceful Episode”. [About Soviet naval activities in Egypt’s Gulf of Suez.]

Capitalist Countries:
Workers’ Struggle Surges Ahead”

Round the World

On the Home Front

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