Ye Olde Natural Philosophy Discussion Group

Books suggested for possible discussion in the future

This is a list of books that have been suggested as possible choices for our group in the
future. They are sorted by publication year, with the most recent at the top. Color codes for titles:

  • Red: physics
  • Maroon: cosmology, astronomy
  • Fuchsia: math
  • Green: biology, genetics, zoology, ethology, etc.
  • Teal: psychology, neurology, consciousness
  • Lime: environment
  • Olive: linguistics
  • Blue: social sciences, anthropology
  • Navy: economics
  • Aqua: philosophy, religion
  • Purple: politics, history
  • Black: miscellaneous

Title Author Year Suggested by Comments
The Vital Question: Energy,
   Evolution and the Origins
   of Complex Life
Nick Lane 2016 Ron Amazon PB: $10.87; 368 p.
Connectography: Mapping the
   Future of Global Civilization
Parag Khanna 2016 Kevin Amazon HC: $18; 496 p.
The Altruistic Brain: How
   We Are Naturally Good
Donald W. Pfaff 2015 Scott Amazon HC: $20.54; 281 p.
Superintelligence: Paths,
   Dangers, Strategies
Nick Bostrom 2014 Scott On the dangers of AI.
Amazon PB: $15.15 + Kindle
Operation Paperclip: Secret
   Program that Brought Nazi
   Scientists to America
Annie Jacobsen 2014 Scott Amazon PB: $11.68 + Kindle
The Innovators Walter Isaacson 2014 Kevin Amazon HC: $23.84 + Kindle
Time Reborn Lee Smolin 2013 ? Amazon PB: $12.93 + Kindle
The Beginning of Infinity David Deutsch 2011 Rosie On quantum computation.
Amazon HC: $17.24; 496 pp.
The Hidden Reality: Parallel
   Universes and Deep Laws...
Brian Greene 2011 Rosie Amazon, HC: $17.21; 384 pp.
The Sibling Effect: What Bonds
   among Brothers and Sisters
Jeffrey Kluger 2011 Rosie Amazon, HC: $17.43; 320 pp.
Where Good Ideas Come From:
   Natural History of Innovation
Steven Johnson 2010 Rosie Amazon, HC: $16.05; 336 pp.
Faust in Copenhagen: The
   Struggle for the Soul of
Gino Segré 2008 Rosie Amazon, PB: $6.40; 320 pp.
Eating the Sun: How Plants
   Power the Planet
Oliver Morton 2008 Emily/
Amazon, HC: $19.11; 480 pp.
How photosynthesis works.
Outliers: The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell 2008 Kirby Amazon, HC: $15.39; 320 pp.
Planet of Slums Mike Davis 2007 Scott Amazon, used from $0.98 up, or Kindle.
The Making of the Fittest: DNA
   and ... Evolution
Sean B. Carroll 2007 Kirby Amazon, PB: $11.43; 304 pp.
Death by Black Holes and Other
   Cosmic Quandaries
Neil deGrasse Tyson 2007 Ron Amazon, HC: $15.72
This is Your Brain on Music Daniel Levitin 2006 Rosie Amazon, PB: $10.88.
The Future of the Brain: The
   Promise and Peril...
Steven Rose 2006 Scott PB Amazon, $12.71; 352 pp.
Conversations on Consciousness Susan Blackmore 2006 Scott Amazon, HC: $15.64; 288 pp.
Survey of current views.
Hitler's Scientists John Cornwall 2003 Scott Amazon, PB: $14.91 + Kindle.
Lowly Origin: Where, When and
   Why Our Ancestors Stood Up
Jonathan Kingdon 2003 Rosie Amazon, PB: $13.57; 416 pp.
Natural-Born Cyborgs: Minds,
   Tech. & the Future
   of Human Intelligence
Andy Clark 2003 Scott Amazon, PB: $10.17; 229 pp.
Faster Than the Speed of Light:
   The Story of a Scientific
Joo Magueijo 2003 ? HC Amazon, $17.68; 288 pp.
Magueijo fancies himself
the new Einstein!
Synaptic Self: How Our Brains
   Become Who We Are
Joseph LeDoux 2003 Rosie Amazon, PB: $10.88; 416 pp.
The Triumph of Sociobiology John Alcock 2003 Kirby Amazon, PB: $11.17; 272 pp.
The Five Ages of the Universe: A
   History... From the Big Bang On
Greg Laughlin &
Fred Adams
2002 Rich PB may be o/p; 288 pp.
E = mc2: A Biography of the
   Most Famous Equation
David Bodanis 2001 Kevin C. PB Amazon, $11.20; 337 pp.
The Code Book Simon Singh 2000 Rich Cryptography. Amazon, PB: $10.85.
The Nothing That Is: A
   Natural History of Zero

1999 Kevin Amazon, PB: $14.99; 240 pp.
Are We Unique? James Trefil 1997 Rosie Amazon, PB: $9.25; 256 pp.
The Great Depression: America,
Robert McElvaine 1993 Scott Amazon, PB: $11.53; 349 pp.
Excellent social & economic

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