Philosophical Doggerel

The philosopher's little dog Errol
Resembled his master, you see;
He could form very nice syllogisms
And split hairs in search of a flea.

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Latest additions or changes:
Mind    [Cartoon added: 2/9/10]
Pythagoras    [Cartoon added: 7/9/09]
Zeno of Elea    [Expanded: 10/13/08]
Cause and Effect    [Cartoon added: 2/19/08]
Existentialism    [Cartoon added: 2/19/08]
God—Nature Of    [Expanded: 4/23/07]
Problem of Evil    [Added: 4/23/07]
Meaning of Life    [Added: 9/20/06]
Utilitarianism    [Added: 11/22/05]
Singer, Peter    [Added: 11/22/05]
Mill, John Stuart    [Expanded: 11/22/05]
Plato    [Cartoon added: 7/18/05]
Qualitative Leaps    [Added: 5/19/05]
Contradictions (Dialectical)    [Added: 5/18/05]
Contradictions (Logical)    [Expanded: 5/18/05]
Argument (Philosophical)    [Added: 5/17/05]
Philosophy & Philosophers in General    [Revised: 5/17/05]
Berkeley, George    [Expanded: 1/26/05]
Goodman, Nelson    [Revised & expanded: 12/7/04]

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