A Marxist Political Discussion Site


Discussion of a wide range of political issues, including the
revolutionary movement, from the point of view of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

This is a site devoted to politics, and primarily revolutionary politics. It is still under development and a lot more material will be added later. To begin with, many of the materials have been written by the host of this web site, Scott H.   To make suggestions, comments or criticisms, contact:   scotth@massline.org   or   webmaster@massline.org

Note: Some of the documents and essays below are fairly long and are much easier to read if you print them out first. That will also give you the margins you’ll need to write down your criticisms!

Politics in General

Historical Materialism, Socialism and Communism

The Capitalist-Imperialist System

Bourgeois Politics, Elections, etc.

The American Revolutionary Movement

International Politics

(More to be added later.)