Ye Olde Natural Philosophy Discussion Group

(aka The Science Group)

This is the record of the proceedings of our little group of friends that gets together periodically to discuss a recent book on science (usually), and to explore the various riddles of the universe. And, if we run out of science problems to solve, to debate philosophy, religion, and politics. We have been doing this since around 1987, and have so far read and discussed over 100 books together. We have quite diverse philosophical and political perspectives. There are about 9 regulars in the group, some of whose names and email addresses appear at the bottom.

The complete list of books we’ve read with our ratings.

Possible future selections.

Rating the Raters.

The Top Ten Scientific Advances of All Time
      Scott’s List: PDF format (177 KB);   MS Word format (51 KB)
      Kirby’s List: PDF format (8 KB);   Excel spreadsheet format (20 KB)

Member area.

We may add some more stuff here later. And then again, maybe not!

Scott Harrison
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