Documents About the Revolutionary Movement and Struggles in Mexico

  • “Contribuir a la Confusión” — Contribution to the Confusion: A Criticism of Lotta’s ‘Setting the Record Straight’ Speech. This is a polemic by Mexican Maoist (and friend of the Single Spark website) Manuel R. Chávez López against Raymond Lotta’s conception of the history of the experience of the dictatorship of the proletariat, as laid out in the speech Lotta gave at a number of universities in the United States and Mexico, and reprinted as a series in the newspaper Revolution. We now have this important polemic posted in full in both Spanish and in a semi-rough English translation. In addition to criticizing Lotta’s views, this document expresses some new ideas with regard to the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union and China, and—in particular—situates that restoration in the USSR in the Stalin era itself. This is an important new idea for our whole MLM movement to consider. We hope that this polemic will help to increase wrangling over the historical experience of socialism among revolutionary-minded people and communists, and contribute to the overall process initiated by the Nepalese Maoists’ calls for a critical reexamination of the history of our movement.

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