What We Believe Statement

[Note: This is the revised version from Sept. 17, 2007 which was in force until the Single Spark Collective
disbanded in October 2008. The Revision Statement explains how and why this document was revised. —Ed.]

This is a simple statement laying out our basic points of unity.

1. We seek to use the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and the scientific method in general, in forging a path to revolution. This social revolution will overthrow the present horrible capitalist imperialist system and completely transform society for the benefit of the people.

2. Revolution is possible in the United States, and there is a basis for it in a revolutionary united front led by the proletariat.

3. Due to imperialist super-profits, there is tremendous stratification within the working class in the United States. This necessitates going lower and deeper to find our political basis with the real proletariat.

4. However, there are many “middle class” elements and movements that can be united with in making revolution. It is important that communists work with the many progressive strata within the middle class.

5. The liberation struggles of oppressed nations and nationalities within the U.S. must be supported in their own right, and recognized as central components of the overall revolutionary process.

6. Women’s liberation is an integral part of the revolutionary process, and must be fought for by both men and women.

7. We oppose homophobia and all manifestations of bigotry against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and support LGBT liberation struggles.

8. Imperialism is destroying the planet. Socialism is the only way the planet can be saved from ecological catastrophe. Communists must find ways to work with the environmental movement.

9. To carry out a revolution that can liberate humanity and not just end up putting new oppressors in the place of today’s imperialist bourgeoisie, we need a revolutionary Maoist party capable of actually (not just in words) leading the masses and, at the same time, a party which is supervised by the masses through its strict adherence to democratic principles and the mass line.

10. We are not that Maoist vanguard party, nor do we think that any existing group is. We hope to support such a party should our efforts and those of others succeed in creating one in the United States.

11. We seek a dialogue with all honest revolutionary and progressive forces in society. We also seek to work in a cooperative and friendly way with all other individuals and groups in support of mass struggles and campaigns.

12. We are internationalist and support all struggles against imperialism. We will also work to prevent the United States from waging wars of aggression against countries asserting their independence of U.S. imperialism.

13. Of particular importance to us are our solidarity efforts for and efforts to learn from the most advanced Maoist-led struggles in the world, such as those in Nepal, India, the Philippines and Turkey.

14. We are committed to bringing revolutionary ideas to the people. As an important part of this, in all our work we try to promote the mass line, the leadership method of “from the masses, to the masses.”

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